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Get out of the Passenger Seat and into the Pilot Seat!

Most people lose track of things because they fail to design their process.
The Deal Process Tracker gives you a tool for designing and managing any process.
With it you layout a process, project, or team procedures with complete impeccability and certainty.
Then this tool gives you the ability to track what gets done and who gets it done so that everything gets done on time.

We invite you to explore how you can create and manage a process more effectively.
Our promise is you will never fail to remember everything and make sure it all gets done!


Tactical Game Designer

Use this tool to design and execute a selling game with significant results.  


Most selling agents target the results they want to achieve in a coming week, quarter, month or year. Most however never go beyond picking a destination. They may create a business plan which usually ends up in a drawer and never reviewed until until the end of a year.

Some highly successful agents tear up their plan each week and redo it many times over. Neither of these options ensure that you achieve the results you intend to produce. The Tactical Game Designer offers you a way to set a destination which is an annual income floor, a target and a game. Then it gives you a way to project how you will get there in quarterly increments by managing your projected activity against the actual to show what’s needed.

Executing this process on a regular basis makes achieving your intended results far more likely. It becomes inevitable that a you can achieve results beyond what you previously thought was possible. You will see how empowering, enjoyable and easy your success can be.

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